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Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections services offered in the greater Roseville, CA area

Living with chronic pain makes every day a challenge. It’s incredibly frustrating when medications that once relieved the pain no longer work or you have to take such high doses that the side effects make you miserable. While physical therapy helps some people recover from whatever is causing their pain, for others, it only goes so far. At Sierra Spine Institute, Tyler Smith, MD, and his team of specialists offers Platelet Rich Plasma Injections to make a pain-free life possible. Call the Roseville, California, office to schedule a consultation or request one online today to learn more.

What are plasma rich plasma injections?

Platelet-rich plasma injections, or PRP, are increasingly used to treat injuries and chronic pain and help heal wounds after surgery. The plasma in our blood is rich with platelets that facilitate natural healing.

Treatments use a patient’s tissues; plasma-rich plasma injections are very safe and can be administered alone or in conjunction with other procedures.

Plasma rich plasma injections can be used to help support wound healing in trauma and joint injury, as well as male pattern baldness (hair loss).

If you had a severe injury, healing from plasma rich plasma injections might take a little longer. Should you receive plasma rich plasma after surgery, you’ll likely recover more quickly than you would without the injections.

How do plasma rich plasma injections work?

When you have a plasma rich plasma injection at Sierra Spine Institute, the team obtains a small blood sample and places it in a spinning centrifuge to separate the plasma from the whole blood. Then it’s mixed with solution and injected back into your body at the pain site to heal damaged cartilage, cells, and tissue and restore pre-injury functioning.

Once platelets are in the area that’s being treated, they break down and release growth factors, which are compounds that help cells repair and renew, which, in turn, triggers your body’s natural healing process.

What can I expect after plasma rich plasma injections?

Some patients experience pain relief after one plasma rich plasma injection, while others need up to four injections (treatments) spaced several weeks apart*. Each person is unique, and patients might require additional PRP treatments from their doctor to maintain results.

You may have some soreness or tenderness at the injection site for a few days.

At Sierra Spine Institute, the expert staff is truly a team of people with the sole mission of alleviating pain through high-quality, personalized care. Their goal is to get patients back to living their lives as quickly as possible.

Do you want more information regarding plasma rich plasma injections? Contact Sierra Spine Institute and let the team know how they can help. You can also schedule a consultation by calling the office or requesting more information online, which is fast and easy.

*Results may vary.