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Neck Surgery

Neck Surgery services offered in the greater Roseville, CA area

Neck surgery doesn’t have to mean a long hospital stay today in fact, many cervical spine surgeries allow you to go home the same day. At Sierra Spine Institute, the team of elite spine surgeons, led by board-certified and fellowship-trained specialist Tyler Smith, MD, offers the newest and most advanced neck surgery techniques, including innovative disc replacement and fusion procedures using a minimally invasive approach. Call the Roseville, California, office or book your consultation through the online scheduling feature now.

When should I consider neck surgery?

Sierra Spine Institute offers both nonsurgical and surgical approaches to neck pain. The team believes in patient empowerment, so you’ll learn about every treatment option and receive personalized guidance as you choose the approach that’s best for you. 

Most patients first try nonsurgical approaches like corticosteroid injections, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, and physical therapy. However, if you have severe pain and neck movement issues, and nonsurgical treatment doesn’t help, neck surgery could be right for you. 

The team never pushes patients into neck surgery, but the option is there if you need it and feel it’s right for you. You’re a partner in your care and your input matters. 

Whether you choose surgery or nonsurgical therapy, the team promises to provide hope, explain all your options, and help you feel better walking out of the office than you did walking in. 

What are the options for neck surgery today?

Neck surgery at Sierra Spine Institute almost always uses a minimally invasive spine surgery approach, which means small incisions and as little disruption to surrounding nerves, muscles, and other tissues as possible. Common types of neck surgery include: 

Disc replacement 

Disc replacement involves surgical extraction of a worn-out or heavily damaged cervical (neck) disc. The team places the Mobi-C® Cervical Disc Prosthesis in its place. The artificial disc functions much like a natural one: it can slide and rotate as you move. 

Discectomy with fusion

A discectomy is a surgery that removes a problematic disc. Instead of placing an artificial disc, a discectomy places a metal cage that holds the vertebrae above and below the disc in place. The cage is filled with a material that promotes new bone growth. Over time, the two vertebrae fuse, so they become one solid unit. 

Although these are the two most common options for neck surgery, the team can take different approaches, like removing just the back part of a vertebra or widening the bone tunnel that nerves pass through, based on your personal needs.  

Can I still move normally after neck surgery?

Disc replacement offers normal neck flexibility thanks to the adaptive artificial disc. Disc fusion does limit movement in the surgical area; however, because surgery usually involves just two vertebrae, the overall effect on neck flexibility is small. 

Ready to explore neck surgery options? Call Sierra Spine Institute or click the online scheduler now.