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About Sierra Spine Institute

Spine Surgery Specialist located in Roseville, CA

About Our Practice

At Sierra Spine Institute, the sole mission is getting patients back to their lives as quickly as possible through personalized, high-quality care. Practice founder Tyler Smith, MD, is a board-certified and fellowship-trained physician who provides both nonsurgical and surgical treatment options in the Roseville, California, office.

Patient education is a top priority at Sierra Spine Institute. The team believes that informed patients make better choices, feel more confident, and enjoy better results, so they take the time to explore all treatment options with patients. 

Treatments include both traditional approaches and the newest leading-edge pain management strategies. Nonsurgical approaches like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are available in the practice's state-of-the-art operating suite, as well as surgical approaches like sacroiliac (SI) joint fusion, disc replacement surgery, and other types of back and neck surgery

The Sierra Spine Institute team is responsive, respectful, and supportive. They believe there’s no one-size-fits-all cure, so they use carefully-crafted individual approaches to ensure that every patient gets the best results. 

At this time, Sierra Spine Institute is welcoming new patients. Call the office or click the provided online booking feature now.